Параллельное выполнение запросов к MySQL

Собственно по ссылкам http://blog.ulf-wendel.de/?p=201 и http://blog.ulf-wendel.de/?p=170 , сюда помещено чтобы не забыть...
Есть ещё и для C решение Async MySQL Queries with C-API http://jan.kneschke.de/2008/9/9/async-mysql-queries-with-c-api

Ещё пригодится:
DBSLAYER - http://code.nytimes.com/projects/dbslayer
The DBacesslayer aka DBSlayer aka Släyer (as we like to call it when we're feeling ironically heavy metal) is a lightweight database abstraction layer suitable for high-load websites where you need the scalable advantages of connection pooling. Written in C for speed, DBSlayer talks to clients via JSON over HTTP, meaning it's simple to monitor and can swiftly interoperate with any web framework you choose.
MySQL to JSON - http://www.phpclasses.org/browse/package/3195.html
Convert data from MySQL query results into JSON